Payday Lunch at Ming Bistro

A few weeks ago, when I was working from home  because I couldn’t wake up early, my colleagues had their lunch at Ming Bistro.When I cam back, they were gushing over their lunch the previous day, as they were amazed at how big the serving is, especially their congee. And so, this payday, we had our lunch at Ming Bistro.


Once you come in to this restaurant, you’ll feel as if you went inside a typical Chinese home. The place is adorned with reds, greens, some hexagon design in the ceiling and the wall, and lotus-shaped lights on the wall.



Initially, I decided to order their roasted asado rice. Then, I realized that it’s been a long time I ate pork asado, and so I ordered the pork asado and a cup of steamed rice instead.


Honestly, I judge a Chinese restaurant by the taste of their asado. So far, their pork asado is in my liking. Not sure if this one is smoke like what others used to do, but it does have that smoky taste. It is savory, a little bit sweet and sour, and the sauce gave it the sweetness that I am looking for in a pork asado.

Then, I ordered ice cream. I wanted to be a little bit more adventurous, so I ordered their Green Tea ice cream. Honestly, I’m not fond of green tea, or any tea for that matter, as I don’t like the strong smell and taste. However, I found myself enjoying their Green Tea ice cream.



The price of the menu is a little bit expensive, so it’s not somewhere we could go out every day to eat lunch. However,  this is a restaurant we can indulge in to once in a while, like when it’s payday. Overall, I enjoyed the food, the place and the atmosphere here.


Ming Bistro is located in Philippine Stock Exchange, Tektite Tower.


Cafe. Waiting. Love

“Everyone is waiting for someone.”


February 2015.

It was a long flight back home. I was on the plane going from Vancouver to Hong Kong. I randomly checked the in-flight movies. Yeah, sure, I can rewatch Big Hero 6 that time, but it wouldn’t be exciting as how I watch it a few hours before I left Canada.

Then, I saw this movie.


Image from

Cafe. Waiting. Love

I remember seeing that on FB, as I have been following Pauline Lan, a.k.a. Xia Xiong from “The X Family”. Curious, I decided to watch this movie. Then, as I was watching it, another familiar face came into the screen. Wait, that was the guy in Pets Tseng’s MV!


I actually preferred her with Jiro, but heck, this guy is cute. Image from

The movie’s story revolves around Si Ying. One day, after a club meeting, she found an old notebook from a former club member. After almost being hit by a bus, she met Ze Yu. She then accidentally got a part time job in a cafe, own by a mysterious lady, and whose barista is the handsome androgynous Ah Bu Si. From this cafe, she also met Ah Tou, who has been a subject of the campus’ urban legend. Ah Tou and Si Ying became friends after she stood up for him in front of his friends. Through him, she also met the other characters, which is Ah Tou’s boss, Bao Ge, and his former wife, Jin Dao.

Without spoiling much of the story, this movie is about love, and all of it’s aspects – moving on, letting go, acceptance and forgiveness. Most of all, it’s about fate, and learning to realize the one who is fated for you.

There are a lot of funny parts in this movie. Actually, I have been laughing my heart out silently while watching this. Of course, I didn’t want to disturb the other passengers. There are some ridiculous parts as well that made me go “WTF????”. And like any other romantic comedy movies out there, there are parts where I was bawling my eyes out.


My quetion here is “WHY?” Image from


Such a handsome guy… but wait she’s a girl! Image from

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I never expected I would enjoy and love this one. Oh and by the way, the cafe the used in the movie turned out to be a real cafe. So that could be one of the places I plan to visit if I go to Taiwan.


Dream Misadventure – Getting Lost In Asia

Travelling will always be in my bucket list. However, I wasn’t able to do much travelling, especially during my younger years because

  • I’m lazy AF
  • I don’t have the budget
  • I’m busy with work and other stuffs

Like others who wish to travel, I want to travel abroad. I want to explore all the countries and all the continents. So far, the only place I’ve ever been, that’s abroad, is in Canada, which I was sent not for leisure, but for purely business. If I’m going to travel abroad, I want to go to Asian countries first.

Here are some Asian countries I wish to visit in the future.


Image from

Blame it to me watching too much Taiwanese dramas. I’ve been dreaming of wandering the streets of Taipei, and go on a food trip at the Shilin night market. And of course, I wanted to go on top of Taipei 101 and shout “Dao Ming Si!” Just Kidding.

Shilin Night Market. Image from

Been wanting one of these.
Image from

Another place I wish to go to is the European Garden at Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village. If you’re a big TWDrama fan, or a big Fahrenheit fan, you  would know why 😉

There’s something romantic with this place.
Image from

Most of all, if I’m going to Taiwan. It’s to watch these beautiful people sing live.

My queens!


Probably it’s because I’ve been watching too much Asian Food Channel, that’s why I want to wander in Malaysia. Watching the shows hosted by Jason Yeoh on AFC, I was in awe with how the people there have preserved much of their architecture and culture.

Image from

Image from

And of course, I’m in there for the food. I wanted to try their Kaya toast and Kaya puff.

Kaya Toast
Image from

Kaya Puff. 
Image from



Initially, I wanted to go to Singapore to work, since everyone I know has been migrating there. Since I’m unlucky with my applications for work in this country, I realized working here is not for me. But hey, I can still visit, right?


Helix Bridge. Image from



Flower Dome. Image from


Marina Bay Sands. Image from


This is the place I’ve always dreamed and wanted to go to since I was a child. I am very fascinated with this country, their culture and tradition. I wanted to see the cherry blossom blooms. I want to wear a yukata in a summer festival and watch fireworks after. I want to roam the streets of Ropponggi, Asakusa and Akihabara. I want to take a dip in an onsen. I want to do everything that I see in anime, Japanese Dramas and Japanese movies. Please take me here!


Image from


Image from


Image from



Image from

There are a lot more Asian countries that I want to visit, but the ones I listed were my the ones I’m dying to visit.


A/N: All photos not mine. Credits to the owner


I have been fat all my life. And yes, I get lots of problems in my every day life. Problems should not be a problem to normal, right-shaped people. Sometimes I laugh it out, and sometimes it’s a big headache to me. Here are some of the #BigGirlProblems that I face in my every day life.

1.  Paying for two on a small UV Express


Image from tumblr CTTO

I live in Rizal, and my only means to get to my workplace is through UV Express. If the UV Express is a big van, I know I can save Php 50. But if the UV Express is small (it’s an Adventure, old FX or Crosswind), then I have to pay for 2. I’m doing this because

  • I want to be comfortable. Who wants to be squished, right?
  • I don’t want the person/s sitting right next to me to be squished as well
  • I don’t want to hear the driver complaining because of me
  • simply because I can afford it for now.

So imagine how furious I was with this news


Image from


2.  The struggle of shopping for clothes. 

Honestly, I love clothes. I like window shopping for them. If you go and see my Pinterest, my board is filled with beautiful clothes I wish I could wear. Unfortunately, not all clothes comes in my size.

I had this experience back in High School. I was with a much sexier friend, and we were looking for clothes for our PE Class’s dance. So we went into this store, and started to look around. Then, this snobby, GGSS sales lady approached me the moment I stepped in and told me, “Miss, wala kaming pang mataba dito” (translation: Miss, we don’t have anything for fat people here). I was shocked. I wanted to speak up, but the urge of wanting to cry was filling me. My friend, seeing what happened, dragged me out of the store, to avoid my further embarrassment.

Since there, I had fear of sales ladies approaching me, especially when I checking out clothes. I’d rather be the one to approach them, than them approaching me.

I’m sure glad that nowadays, there are a lot of clothes available for plus size people like me.


Image from

But still, I felt that the plus size clothes being sold here in the Philippines is not really plus size. There’s a certain brand in SM that I always buy, because they carry my size. When I was in Canada, I ordered my clothes online., because some stores in Metro Town does not have my size as well.

And since I have a limited style of clothes that I can choose from, I end up…


3.  Wearing baggy clothes

I end up wearing baggy pants and baggy shirts, that sometimes I get mistaken as a man, or as a lesbian. Again, thank God for plus size clothes.


4.  Stares and Unsolicited Advice from other people


Credits to the owner

I hate it when people, especially kids, stare at me like I’m a monster which the Power Rangers need to defeat. I hate those stares from strangers, as if judging me and laughing at me in their head. I hate how people see me as something “abnormal” in this society. I hate being the butt of jokes of other people. I hate people.

Most of all, I hate their unsolicited advice. Oh, I should diet and exercise? Oh how many times have I heard people say that to me. Oh, I will get sicker as I grow old if I don’t trim down? Then bring it on.

People just don’t understand that there are some people who love the way they are. I love being me. I accept myself for who I am. The more people pressure me to diet and exercise, the more lazy I am to do it. I want to do it on my own will. If I will decide to tone down, then I want to do it because of health reasons and because it makes me happy. If I’m going to die knowing I’ve eaten all the delicious food in the world, then I will be a happy soul. As of now, eating makes me happy. Just want to tell those people who kept on badgering me to “Shut up na lang kayo”.

It’s because of how people treated me in the past that made me anti-social introvert and shy.


Even though I face these problems every day, I’m thankful that I’m able to overcome them all. I’m thankful for being this way, because her, being fat is part of who I am. Anyone who also encounters these same problems as me? Let me know 😀

“Orange” Thoughts

Being on Tumblr for a long time, I discover a lot of new and good things- it could be a new book, new drama, new movie or new manga. In my case, I discover this great manga called “Orange”.


Image from

It is a slice-of-life mange by Ichigo Takano. The story revolves around Takamiya Naho. On the first day of their class, she receives a letter from her future self, which tells what will happen on that day, and on the following days. The only request her future self asks is to save their friend (and love interest), Naruse Kakeru, who is not longer with them in the future.

The first time I read the manga, I fell in love with it. It got me thinking if it’s really possible to time travel (even through letters) and change the past and make a new parallel world with all the changes. I could feel Naho in every scene.


Grabbed from Pinterest. CTTO.

That’s literally me, every time I read the manga.

I was halfway through the manga when they announced that Orange will get a live action movie. I was so excited to see this come to life.


Image from

It was shown in Japan December last year. And since I’m not from Japan, either I have to wait for the DVD of it, or wait from someone to sub it. And I’m sure glad someone has subbed it. So far they stayed true to the manga, although there are some scene from the manga that was not included in the movie. The cinematography captured the emotion of the scene. Actors did a good job portraying their characters. I like Tao Tsuchiya’s acting, as she was perfect for the role of Naho. And the background music, every time it plays, my heart seems to clench that I need a good cry.

And just like when I was reading the manga, I was crying the whole time.

Oh, and after watching this movie, it was anounced there will be an anime for Orange.


Image from

So, for those wanting a good cry, I recommend this manga/movie/anime.




Loving The Taste Of Bread At The Breadery

We have been working in PST hours for the past 1 year and a half, and it was a fresh breath of air when we finally got the early morning shift. Being in the morning shift means we can get to try out the restaurants around Ortigas that’s usually closed during the wee hours of the night. Our only options during the night shift are convenience stores and fast food, and believe me, when we’re eating fast food every time we’re working at the office, we are craving for something new and something home cooked.

There is one store that I have been eyeing for a long time, but didn’t have the chance to go to – it’s The Breadery, a bakery along F. Ortigas Jr. Road (commonly known as Emerald Ave.) They sell lots of good, artisan breads and drinks. So since we are already on the morning shift and we are pretty sure it’s already open, we went there to check out their products.

The smell of freshly baked breads and pastries welcomed us the moment we came inside the store. There are a lot of breads to choose from. I know I had a hard time choosing what to order. You can also get a free taste on most of the breads to see which one you would like the best.


Look at how yummy the breads are!

I was looking for something sweet, as my sweet tooth mode is on again, so I checked to see all of their sweet breads.


DSC_0569 - blog.JPG

A lot to choose from, and I can’t decide what to order, as they all smell good. If I had a lot of money that time, I would have ordered at least one of each bread they had that day.

And so, I settled on these:


I ordered the canelé, cheese roll, and chocolate croissant. Plus, I had the strawberry frozen beverage.

The canelé, based on The Breadery’s website, is a pastry from Bordeaux, France. It has a crunchy texture on the outside, but the inside is soft and creamy. It has subtle amount of sweetness on it. When you eat it, this pastry seems to melt on your mouth.

Next is the cheese roll. It is soft both inside and out. The cheese seems like it has just melted, as it has a soft texture.

The chocolate croissant has a Belgian chocolate inside. It’s puffy and airy inside, and has that crunch when you bite on to it. The chocolate is not too sweet – just the right amount of sweetness for someone like me who ordered a lot of sweet breads.

Lastly, I ordered the strawberry frozen beverage as I had too many coffee that morning. It’s not as sweet as what Starbucks had. It’s more on the creamy side. Can’t taste much of the strawberry, if not for the strawberry syrup they drizzled on the side of the plastic cup.

Overall, I enjoyed eating at the Breadery, although it’s a bit expensive than BreadTalk and Tous Les Jour. Hopeully, I could come back here and try more of their breads and coffee.