I have been fat all my life. And yes, I get lots of problems in my every day life. Problems should not be a problem to normal, right-shaped people. Sometimes I laugh it out, and sometimes it’s a big headache to me. Here are some of the #BigGirlProblems that I face in my every day life.

1.  Paying for two on a small UV Express


Image from tumblr CTTO

I live in Rizal, and my only means to get to my workplace is through UV Express. If the UV Express is a big van, I know I can save Php 50. But if the UV Express is small (it’s an Adventure, old FX or Crosswind), then I have to pay for 2. I’m doing this because

  • I want to be comfortable. Who wants to be squished, right?
  • I don’t want the person/s sitting right next to me to be squished as well
  • I don’t want to hear the driver complaining because of me
  • simply because I can afford it for now.

So imagine how furious I was with this news


Image from pinoylist.ph


2.  The struggle of shopping for clothes. 

Honestly, I love clothes. I like window shopping for them. If you go and see my Pinterest, my board is filled with beautiful clothes I wish I could wear. Unfortunately, not all clothes comes in my size.

I had this experience back in High School. I was with a much sexier friend, and we were looking for clothes for our PE Class’s dance. So we went into this store, and started to look around. Then, this snobby, GGSS sales lady approached me the moment I stepped in and told me, “Miss, wala kaming pang mataba dito” (translation: Miss, we don’t have anything for fat people here). I was shocked. I wanted to speak up, but the urge of wanting to cry was filling me. My friend, seeing what happened, dragged me out of the store, to avoid my further embarrassment.

Since there, I had fear of sales ladies approaching me, especially when I checking out clothes. I’d rather be the one to approach them, than them approaching me.

I’m sure glad that nowadays, there are a lot of clothes available for plus size people like me.


Image from corporate.target.com

But still, I felt that the plus size clothes being sold here in the Philippines is not really plus size. There’s a certain brand in SM that I always buy, because they carry my size. When I was in Canada, I ordered my clothes online., because some stores in Metro Town does not have my size as well.

And since I have a limited style of clothes that I can choose from, I end up…


3.  Wearing baggy clothes

I end up wearing baggy pants and baggy shirts, that sometimes I get mistaken as a man, or as a lesbian. Again, thank God for plus size clothes.


4.  Stares and Unsolicited Advice from other people


Credits to the owner

I hate it when people, especially kids, stare at me like I’m a monster which the Power Rangers need to defeat. I hate those stares from strangers, as if judging me and laughing at me in their head. I hate how people see me as something “abnormal” in this society. I hate being the butt of jokes of other people. I hate people.

Most of all, I hate their unsolicited advice. Oh, I should diet and exercise? Oh how many times have I heard people say that to me. Oh, I will get sicker as I grow old if I don’t trim down? Then bring it on.

People just don’t understand that there are some people who love the way they are. I love being me. I accept myself for who I am. The more people pressure me to diet and exercise, the more lazy I am to do it. I want to do it on my own will. If I will decide to tone down, then I want to do it because of health reasons and because it makes me happy. If I’m going to die knowing I’ve eaten all the delicious food in the world, then I will be a happy soul. As of now, eating makes me happy. Just want to tell those people who kept on badgering me to “Shut up na lang kayo”.

It’s because of how people treated me in the past that made me anti-social introvert and shy.


Even though I face these problems every day, I’m thankful that I’m able to overcome them all. I’m thankful for being this way, because her, being fat is part of who I am. Anyone who also encounters these same problems as me? Let me know 😀


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