Throwback: Different Phones Through The Years

A/N: This is an updated version of this post I wrote before.

In my opinion, a mobile phone is one of the greatest technology out there. It can help you to communicate to your family and friends anywhere you are. Gone are the days when you have to pay a lot for a long distance call from the province, or look for pay phones (and loose change as well) to be able to contact them.

Back when I was a teen (and tween), I spent most of my days, if not watching TV or studying, lounging by the phone and talking to my friends for hours. In our language, this is what we call “telebabad”.  When we plan to go out, our only means to stay in tough with each other is calling them from their house through payphone, unless they are on their way to the meet up place. Beeper is another way to reach out my friends.

So thank God for mobile phones. I don’t have to get into awkward situation when I call through landline, like talking to my friends’ parents or sibling. I can just send them a text message, or call them knowing it will be them that will answer the phone. I can reach my friends anytime I want to.

I’ve had several phones through the years.Some were the “in” phones during my time, most of the phones I bought because I want to be the only one to have them, or because I find it cute. Here’s the mobile phones I used through the years.

Nokia 5110

This is my very first phone, which I bought in 2000 from my aunt. You’re considered cool in my school if you have this phone.  I’m not sure why, but it always falls or miss my pocket when I put it away, hence, the screen became too faulty.

What I like about this phone is that I can change the casing, depending on my mood or the color I want. It has 3 games to keep me entertained, especially if I don’t have enough load to text. It has a long battery life, I remember it took me 2 days before the battery drains out.

It somehow kept me entertain during very awkward moments like when my friend and her boyfriend were making out beside me, or if I feel out of place with my group. I can either play snake or text other friends while that happens.

Sadly, I had to say goodbye to this bulky piece when It got stolen on my way to school (along with my wallet). It was stolen during the time when I just had the antenna removed, replaced the battery with a slim one, had the led changed to color white and had it opened lined.


Sendo S200


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During the time when having a small phone matters, I decided to buy this cutie. After my Nokia 5110 was stolen from me, I got “disconnected” from the world for a year and a half, because I wasn’t able to buy a mobile phone right away due to financial constraints, and we don’t have any landline phone. The only way to be able to reach me back then is through email.

After saving up enough money, I was able to buy this phone. What I like about this phone is that it has four games – FlippIT, Quaddro, Scizzors, Splash. I can also customize my ringtone, since it has a composer. At first, this one had a long battery life, it can last for 1 to 2 days. As it began to wear, the longest time it was on is half a day.

This phone is a big help to me, since I use it to contact my classmates, and to find jobs. I had to let go of this phone because the battery eventually died out. Not a lot of technicians know how to repair this phone so I had to retire this one out.


Nokia 3315


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I bought this phone after I got my very first salary from my first job. I don’t remember anything about this because I only had it for a few months, till I changed to another phone. The games kept me entertained. I think the one I bought was a ripoff since I only bought it for 2K. Anyway, it was still useful for me, although I had a problem with the battery of this unit.


Sony Ericsson T230


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This is the very first colored phone I had. I bought it second hand from my team manager back then. It didn’t have a camera, although from what I heard, you can buy an attachment camera for this. I can download some games on this phone, as well as connect to the internet, which I was not able to do with my other phones. I only had this for a few months, till I bought another one.


Sony Ericsson K300i


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This is the first camera phone I had. It has an internal memory of 12 MB, so I can only put a few games, pictures and small mp3s on it. The camera is not that bad, although sadly, I was not able to back up the pictures I took to my computer because I don’t have any cable for it.

The battery is great. I remember when we had a blackout back then due to a storm, it was alive until the electricity came back the next day. The pictures from the camera is pixelated compared to the pictures from the smartphones today, but it’s still a decent one.

Samsung E250


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I needed a phone that has a camera, I can use as mp3 player, and use as a phone. And so, I bought this phone. I was supposed to buy the black one, but my mom fell in love with this cherry pink (or red) color.

What I like about this phone is how I open it. It slides when I access the keyboard, or take a call. It takes a decent picture and videos. I don’t play much games in this phone, but I usually surf the net with this one, and read my favorite stories online.

This phone and I had a long way to go. I used it to take pictures and videos when Chun and Calvin came here in the Philippines. It was my companion during long trips to Makati. It kept me entertained especially during the times that our electricity got disconnected.

It died out on my on 2011, prompting me to buy a new phone. My mom got this phone fixed and she used it for a few months till someone gave her a new phone. I used it a secondary phone, but it died out again.


Samsung Corby


Image from

After my Samsung E250 chose to die out on me, I was on a hunt for a new phone. Honestly, I chose Samsung Corby because of “You’re beautiful”. I had the yellow one, and got the one without wi-fi.

It has a 2MP camera, and is a touch screen. I survived on the battery for a day before I can charge it again. It has an expandable memory, which gives me more space to store pictures, videos, and mp3s.

I love the widgets on this. I installed Opera Mini on this, and did some tricks so I can go online for free. I also use it as an e-book reader. It also became an on call for me for a few weeks, until the company gave us Blackberry phones. I took decent pics with its camera, and use it whenever my digicam is not around. I like the fact that I can change the font of this phone to a more funkier looking font. With an 8GB memory card, I was able to store a lot of music.

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to this phone since someone stole it on my way to the office.


Nokia C3

I bought this after my Corby got stolen. I wanted a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, so I chose this one. It takes a decent picture, has FB and Twitter clients, and the battery last long. What I like about this phone is that I can log on to YM or MSN, and chat with my friends online. I can also check my email from here. This phone is still alive, and I still use this from time to time.


LG Optimus L5


Image from

This is my very first android phone. It has 5MP back camera (no front camera though). 4GB internal memory and was upgraded to Jellybean. It’s a midrange phone from LG, and this was something I can afford back then.

Battery is OK, but we know how smartphones needs to be constantly charged, right? 5MP takes decent picture, and I survived for two years with just this phone. It becomes a little bit slow over time, maybe because of the apps I have installed in this phone.

I was my companion in Canada. Since I didn’t brought with me my digicam back then, I used this to capture my memories. When my tablet died out on me, I used this one instead for FB chat and to browse web sites.


Samsung Tab 2


Image from

No necessarily a phone (although the one I had has phone features). I bought this one so that I won’t have to bring my laptop with me at school always, and so that I can have an internet access during our class.

It has 3 MP back camera and a VGA front camera, and 16 GB internal memory. I only use this at school for browsing the net, but since we didn’t have wi-fi,I had to connect through GPRS, which drains the battery easily. It needs to be constantly charged or I might not be able to use this.

I also use this to watch dramas and movies online (or the ones I saved), and reed books. I also used this to video call my mom, and to chat with her.

Sadly, it died out on me, as it does not charge anymore.


Sony Xperia C3 Dual


Image from

I wanted a phone with bigger screen, and wheremy Sony QX10 ould work properly. Since I’ve been hearing good feedback about Sony phones, I decided to go with this.

I was supposed to get the mint color, but it was out of stock, so I opted for the white one. IT has 8 MP back camera, and 5MP front camera. Pretty good for selfies, since this is a slefie camera (no, I don’t always take a selfie). It has 8 GB memory, and is expandable so I can store more pictures and songs. it has a 5.5 inches  screen for better viewing. Battery is A-OK, as it lasts me for a day.

I love the music player of this phone. I also love the back camera. My Sony QX10 somehow fits in this quite big phone. Problem is the internal memory becomes full when you install a lot of apps or download/take some pictures, so I had to uninstall some of my favorite apps.


iPhone 5c


Image from

I had been curious with how an iPhone feels like, and I also needed a phone with bigger storage. I bought this one online, and the one I got is a second hand (since I can’t afford a brand new one). I’m still learning how to use this phone, but so far, I’m liking this.


So what will be my next phone? I’m not sure yet. But I hope my next phone will last like the other phones I had, and that I will love to use it every day. Of course,hopefully the next phone I would like to buy would be within my budget.




What’s In My Bag? Work Edition

As much as I love bags, there are times that I hate bringing a bag to work. If it fits in my pocket, then why bring a bag, right?

But the problem is, there are times that I tend to forget things at home. When I used to work in a call center, which is one jeepney ride away from home, I only bring three things – money, ID and mobile phone. However, I always forget my ID at home, and I only remember it when I’m already at the doorstep of the building. And so, I have to go back and get my ID. Good thing I always go to work early, but there are times that my forgetfulness makes me late.  So that’s when I decided to buy a good bag and put all my things inside.

Fast forward to today. Since I transferred to our team, and since I am now required to go to the office everyday (I used to work from the office twice a week), I have to bring this laptop bag.


My everyday bag

And this is what’s inside my bag, and what I bring with me every day.



Since our office is in Siberia  very cold since we are situated at the Data Center, I have to bring a jacket with me everyday. This is one of the jackets that was given to us by the company.


Aside from that, I have to bring an umbrella and a flashlight with me every day. It’s already rainy season here in the Philippines, and we never know when it will rain. It’s better to be prepared and keep an umbrella handy. As for the flashlight, I usually go to work in the wee hours of the night. Since there aren’t any street lights in our subdivision yet, and there are a lot of dogs who always barks and want to bite me, I bring the flashlight to fend them off.


Next is my Starbucks tumbler for coffee or water or any drink. I guess this one is pretty explanatory. This is actually my first tumbler from Starbucks, which is a gift to me by my former Team Captain. Like my umbrella, this goes at the other side pocket of my bag, because there are times it has water inside, and I don’t want to ruin my laptop.


Of course, I can’t forget my wallet and coin purse. I use a navy blue Crown wallet, which fits and can hold my phone. I put my fare on the coin purse, since it’s easier for me to put it in my pocket.


Of course, I can’t get to work without my ID. I bring a rosary with me to make me feel safe. I bring two earphones with me, one to use for my phone, and another for the computer or as a spare. I have 3 USBs with me as well. I don’t use them at work. I just bring them because during the time I was still in school, so most of the files in the USB are for school. .I also have this security token, which is no longer working. I put them all together inside the pink pouch another Team Captain give me.



I always bring with me my medicine.I have a pain reliever, and something for my acid reflux. I also bring my medicine for hypertension since I tend to forget to take it before going to work. I have spare hair tie in case of hair emergency. A pen (Pilot FriXion, which is my favorite), and a notebook for work-related notes.



Since I’m constantly in a meeting, I have my headset with me. I also have a USB cable for my phone.


And last but not the least, my work laptop.



That’s everything in my work bag. How about you, what’s inside your work bag?


Doodles: Drawing A Mandala

I admit, I am not good in drawing. I don’t have a talent for it. I’m not even  sure how I survived engineering school with that fact. And I don’t know why I even have a penchant for drawing materials.

I’m not sure what I am thinking when I bought a sketch pad. I thought maybe I could use it for practising calligraphy, but I am not good with calligraphy too. I resolve to use it as a bullet journal, but I’m too lazy to journal lately.


I bought the sketch pad for Php 195, and the brush pen for Php 88

And so, I decided to just doodle. I decided to draw a mandala, since I have always been fascinated with the way they are drawn. Mine wasn’t as elaborate as the other’s but it was a start, right?

I first started with margins (of course!) and quarter circles at the corners,and a circle in the middle. I used a gray Pentel pen brush pen for outline at first, before deciding to use a black gel pen instead.


I started drawing inside the quarter circles. Eachcircles has it’s own design, except for the top.


Once I’m done with the corners, I began to decide what design I should put on the circle. I made too much erasures


I did try to insert a filigree on it, but erased it


This is supposed to be the final design, but I wasn’t too happy with the center.


Final draft, finally!

My next project would be a mandala in blue ink. But as of now, I have to rest my hand as it did hurt when I drew this. It’s been a long time since I have drawn. Aside from that, I’m still thinking of my next design.