What’s In My Bag? Work Edition

As much as I love bags, there are times that I hate bringing a bag to work. If it fits in my pocket, then why bring a bag, right?

But the problem is, there are times that I tend to forget things at home. When I used to work in a call center, which is one jeepney ride away from home, I only bring three things – money, ID and mobile phone. However, I always forget my ID at home, and I only remember it when I’m already at the doorstep of the building. And so, I have to go back and get my ID. Good thing I always go to work early, but there are times that my forgetfulness makes me late.  So that’s when I decided to buy a good bag and put all my things inside.

Fast forward to today. Since I transferred to our team, and since I am now required to go to the office everyday (I used to work from the office twice a week), I have to bring this laptop bag.


My everyday bag

And this is what’s inside my bag, and what I bring with me every day.



Since our office is in Siberia  very cold since we are situated at the Data Center, I have to bring a jacket with me everyday. This is one of the jackets that was given to us by the company.


Aside from that, I have to bring an umbrella and a flashlight with me every day. It’s already rainy season here in the Philippines, and we never know when it will rain. It’s better to be prepared and keep an umbrella handy. As for the flashlight, I usually go to work in the wee hours of the night. Since there aren’t any street lights in our subdivision yet, and there are a lot of dogs who always barks and want to bite me, I bring the flashlight to fend them off.


Next is my Starbucks tumbler for coffee or water or any drink. I guess this one is pretty explanatory. This is actually my first tumbler from Starbucks, which is a gift to me by my former Team Captain. Like my umbrella, this goes at the other side pocket of my bag, because there are times it has water inside, and I don’t want to ruin my laptop.


Of course, I can’t forget my wallet and coin purse. I use a navy blue Crown wallet, which fits and can hold my phone. I put my fare on the coin purse, since it’s easier for me to put it in my pocket.


Of course, I can’t get to work without my ID. I bring a rosary with me to make me feel safe. I bring two earphones with me, one to use for my phone, and another for the computer or as a spare. I have 3 USBs with me as well. I don’t use them at work. I just bring them because during the time I was still in school, so most of the files in the USB are for school. .I also have this security token, which is no longer working. I put them all together inside the pink pouch another Team Captain give me.



I always bring with me my medicine.I have a pain reliever, and something for my acid reflux. I also bring my medicine for hypertension since I tend to forget to take it before going to work. I have spare hair tie in case of hair emergency. A pen (Pilot FriXion, which is my favorite), and a notebook for work-related notes.



Since I’m constantly in a meeting, I have my headset with me. I also have a USB cable for my phone.


And last but not the least, my work laptop.



That’s everything in my work bag. How about you, what’s inside your work bag?



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