Kitchen Misadventures: Pan De Sal French Toast

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m craving for something. I have to eat something before I do my usual chore for the day, which is to do my laundry. I have a bunch of day old pan de sal I bought the day before from Mr. Pot Pot (I don’t know his name, and believe me when I say I call him that), and I don’t like to eat it plainly. Then, an idea hit me -I should make a french toast out of it!

I rushed to the nearby store, and bought a pack of powdered milk. I took the egg sitting in my ref, and the honey I bought a couple of days ago.


I sliced the pan de sal into halves, and took the margarine.


I dissolved the powedered milk in hot water, then once it’s cool, I added the whole egg and a tablespoon of honey. I didn’t use condensed milk, because I don’t want it to be too sweet, as I will eat it eaither with honey or choco spread.



Then I took the sliced pan de sal, dipped it on my batter/mix, and fried it on a pan with oil and margarine.



The result – a plate of goodness! I ate it with choco spread and a cup of coffee.



1 small pack/sachet of powdered milk (1/4 cup condesned milk diluted in water)

1 whole egg

1 tablespoon honey (optional if you will be using condensed milk instead)

10 pieces Pan De Sal


Oil for Cooking






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