Misadventures: Going Solo in Ilocos – Day 2

Day 2!

I woke up 4:00 AM to prepare for the day’s tour. We left Laoag to Pagudpud at around 7 AM that Saturday. It was a 2 hour drive, so we can still take a nap on the van. We arrived at Blue Lagoon around 9 AM.


It was cloudy when we left for Pagudpud. Seems like it will rain later on. When we arrived in Blue Lagoon, the weather and temperature is just right – the sun is not scorching hot, it’s cloudy, and there is no rain yet.


We went to a beach resort right next to Hannah’s Beach Resort. We paid Php 150 for the entrance, and we stayed at the free cottage. When we arrived at the beach, there were already a lot of vendors roaming around, selling souvenirs and food. And because I love food, I bought something to chew on.


Best carioca I ever tasted

I bought carioca, which is a rice cake rolled in sugar and skewered in bamboo stick, from one of the vendors for Php 10. Unlike the carioca being sold here in Manila, the carioca I bought is not chewy and not too sweet. It’s not drenched in sugar and it’s soft that it almost melts in your mouth the moment you take a bite.


I have never seen such a bluer sea than this. The view is very relaxing and calming. There were a lot of tourist that came in that day, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the blue sea.






Panorama view of the beach


Lone rock in the middle of the sandy shore


Mandatory feet shot on the sand


Mandatory name on the sand shot

I decided not to join the rest to swim, as I wasn’t in the mood. Instead, I just enjoyed the view after taking pictures, and just strolled along the shore, and dip my feet and legs in the water. The wave is quite strong, so I had to balance myself, but I kept sinking into the sand.

It was a good decision not to swim, because not only did it spare me from bringing home wet clothes which will make my bag more heavy, it also spared me from standing in the long line for those who are showering and changing clothes. Which means, more time to enjoy the AC inside the van.

After spending almost half  the day in Blue Lagoon, we passed by Bantay Abot Cave. From the road, we need to go down to be able to get there. Since I’m scare of heights and of going down, and because I know my capacity and that I will slip should I join them.  I did not join the rest of the group. Instead, I took pictures from where I am standing.




After taking pictures, we went to Paraiso ni Anton. Our guide said that you can drink the water from the falls/well, and that you can make a wish, and it will come true.



I drank the water from the falls, and it was really good. It’s like you’re drinking a cold bottle of water. The water is also clean and clear. They say that the water from here is miraculous, and can cure some sickness. I was planning to bring some water with me, but my water bottle is still full.

Our next stop is the Patapat viaduct.


Patapat viaduct was constructed, because the only bridge they have in this area always gets closed whenever there is a landslide. To prevent that, they constructed the viaduct, with an allowance away from the mountain, so that if there would be a landslide, the soil and rocks would fall on the side instead of directly on the bridge.


Just a few more kilometers away is Taiwan. You can almost see it here. Imagine how giddy I was when our guide told me we’re almost near Taiwan. How I wish I could swim right away there.


Our next destination is the Bangui Windmills. It was installed in Ilocos in 2006. The windmills generates electricity, which is being transmitted in Visayas, contrary to popular belief that it supplies electricity in Ilocos. It is their solar panels that supplies the electricity in Ilocos.







It’s also here in Bangui windmills that my group was able to buy souvenirs. As for me, I didn’t buy any souvenirs because I found one for free while taking pictures.


This little rock is my souvenir

Our next stop is the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Again, we need to go down to be able to get to the rock formation. And again, being the sissy that I am, I did not go down. I asked one of my new friends to take pictures for me though, while I much on the emapanada and dragon fruit ice candy. It also started to rain before any of us could go to the rock formation.


I loved the dragon fruit ice candy. It’s sweet and milky. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how a dragon fruit is supposed to taste, but nevetheless, I enjoyed this pink treat.


The empanada is a must eat treat in Ilocos. Inside this orange shell is egg, cabbage, and Vigan Longganisa. I had to take a quick picture of this one, since it’s too hot to hold, and even eat.









Our last stop for the day is Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. This lighthouse has been existing since the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. Before going here, we were reminded by our guide to be quiet when we enter the lighthouse, and not to open any doors, as the last time someone did that, they were possessed by a ghost.


While everyone decided to walk uphill, I took a tricycle because my legs hurt and I’m already tired. When I reached the top, I was stunned by the overlooking view of the sea.



I decided to face my fear of heights (and ghosts), and climbed up the lighthouse. It was the best decision I made, as the view is more stunning.


I can actually feel my legs shaking when I was climbing up the lighthouse. Thanks to our guide, he helped me to get to the top.  Before I entered inside, I prayed.


Since it’s cloudy and it just rained, we couldn’t see clearly the sunset.





It’a another 2 hours drive back to our accommodation in Laoag. We arrived around 7:30 PM. We rested and got ready for our last day in Ilocos.

Up Next: Goodies, Bantay Bell Tower, Home

Photo taken using Sony QX10 and Sony Xpera C3.


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