Food Trip at Maginhawa Street

Maginhawa Street has always been known as the food hub in Quezon City. A lot of new and innovative restaurants and cafe have established their roots here. Ironically, I used to live near the village where this street is, and yet, I have not step a foot to check out the place.

It’s a good thing that my college friends, Glo and Chan wanted to go out and meet up. We usually meet at the mall and watch a movie. To be different this time, I suggested we go on a food trip in Maginhawa Street.

We planned to go to StrEat Maginhawa and The Nook Cafe. Unfortunately, StrEat will open at 5 PM. I found another food park just like StrEat, which is 150 Maginhawa, which opens earlier.

However, we had a lot of change of plans. We were planning to go to The Nook Cafe first, but the tricycle driver forget where it is located, so we ended up at Snacks & Ladders.

Snacks & Ladders is cafe/restaurant wherein you can rent and play board games. We did not play any board games, as we are planning to go to 150 Maginhawa after we ate. Their menu’s theme and names are about board games.

I ordered the Strawberry Banana Ice Scrabble, which kind of resembles like ice scramble sold in the streets. Yes, it does taste like the one being sold by manong. Chan ordered the Banana Bohnanza Chocnut and Glo had the house blend iced tea.




We also ordered something to chew on – cheese-flavored Flirty French Fries and Twisturon con chocolate.



The crappy pictures does not give justice to how it looks and tastes good in real life. I was surprised at the serving of the Twisturon. I was expecting a scoop of ice cream with the whipped cream on top, but instead, the whipped cream is separate. Both the fries and turon were so heavy on the tummy.

After Snacks & Ladders, we went to 150 Maginhawa Food Park. There were a lot of food trucks, and lots of food to choose from. We ordered from Canadian Snack Shack, and Crazy Chef. I ordered barbecue from Crazy Chef, and Chan ordered Donair Poutine and Nanaimo bar (on my request) at Canadian Snack Shack.


Donair Poutine


Nanaimo bar (possibly named after Nanaimo BC?)




Our table

I was planning to buy more food from the other stalls, however, the food we had and we are having is too heavy, that we gave up on finishing the poutine. The nanaimo bar had the right blend of sweet and saltiness. The barbecue is a little salty, but it falls right off the stick, unlike the other barbecues. I love the cheese curds and donair on the poutine, and the fries are really filling. Not sure if it’s also because we already had fries before going here.

We then went to The Nook Cafe to get their butter beer, but the line is long, and there are a lot of people still waiting outside. We decided to take a walk and wait till we can get inside. While walking, we realized that there’s a cat cafe around the area. Thanks to Glo’s 20/20 vision. we found it along the way.

We paid Php 200 for the entrance at Cat Cafe Manila. Php 100 is consumable for food, and Php 100 is for the cats. Most of the cats were sleeping when we got there.






I ordered the Italiam Soda, Lavender flavored. I didn’t order any more food since I’m already full


But I don’t have a cat…

We had a fun afternoon/night going a food trip. I swear, if the fries didn’t made us full, we could have eaten and tasted more food, not just from the food park, but from other cafes and restaurants along Maginhawa.



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