Daily Prompt: Echo

via Daily Prompt: Echo

I shouted your name on the top of a mountain. My voice bellows back at me. I asked a question to where I will find you. The only answer I got is the same question I asked.

I still regret the day I let you go. When I closed my eyes, all I can see were our beautiful memories. Then one day, everything changed. It was abrupt, like the flames dying when a bucket of water is thrown over it. Our love, like that flame, slowly became an ember until it turned into grey ashes.

My tears fell, touching the cold skin of my cheek. I wonder, how do I go on after this tragedy? One day, I rule the world with you. The next day, I found myself alone.

It was not just my voice that echoes back at me. It was not the unanswered questions I still ask from that day you left me. It was you, your image that echoes back into my mind. Those sweet smile that once was mine. Those little moments that made everything seem perfect.

Those memories are now just echoes of my mind. The sad part is, I’m the only one that can hear them…


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