Kitchen Misadventure: (Very) Spicy Sardine And Chorizo Carbonara

The past week, I had a high BP and acid reflux, which I suspect came from eating too much fatty Tapa. And so, I decided to do a light meal diet for a while, consisting of oatmeal and break and lemon water. Since it’s a weekend, and I wanted to eat something aside from the usual, I decided to cook carbonara.

I was supposed to make a tuna carbonara, but I realized I have a can of Spanish sardine lying around. I paired that with chorizo macau (sorry, chorizo de bilbao is quite expensive)



Got a pack of carbonara mix, and all purpose cream as well. I fried the chorizo first, then added the deboned sardines. I cooked everything using all of the sardines’ oil, which I shouldn’t have done since it made the whole thing very spicy (but it tastes good though).

I lowered the head and added the cream and the carbonara mix. I mixed everything for a few minutes, and then added less than 1/4 cup of water and added the pasta. I didn’t add water because I wanted my carbonara to be creamy, as inspired by this recipe.



Too spicy, but hey, it’s still my creation 🙂 Works well with pan de sal.



1  Pack All Purpose Cream

1 Pack Mccormix Carbonara Mix

2 Pcs. Chorizo Macau

1 Can Spanish Sardines

Spaghetti Noodles.


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