Kitchen Misadventures: Cheesy Cheese Sticks

I have no plans of celebrating Christmas this year. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have plans to cook something for this occasion. I planned to do my carbonara, but this time, with just tuna and bacon, and not too spicy. Another food I had in mind to cook is my cheese sticks.

My cheese sticks has always been a hit during our team building, as it goes well with the booze. I also love how soft and chewy the cheese becomes when I cook it.

And so, I bought a block of cheese and some lumpia wrappers. I didn’t use a quick melt cheese, because as per experience, those would leak when I dip fry it. I chose a regular eden cheese.

First, I cut the cheese into strips so that it would be easier to roll it to the wrapper.


I cute the wrapper into 4. Since it’s a circle, I made 4 triangular wrappers for the cheese strips. Then, I rolled 1 strip to the wrapper from the rounded side.Good thing the wrapper I bought doesn’t easily dry up.


To close the wrapper, I had to dip  the pointed tip of the wrapper in water. I had to refrigerate them for a day so that it  would somehow retain it’s shape.

Then the next day, I (almost) dip-fried the cheese sticks until it’s golden brown.


Here’s how it looks like when done.


Works well with mayonaise and ketchup. Goes well as “pulutan”.



1 block Eden cheese

1 pack lumpia wrapper (the round one), cut into 4

Water for closing the wrapper

Oil for dip frying

Mayo and ketchup for dip (or any dipping sauce that you like)



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