Kitchen Misadventures: Banana Graham in a Mug

I have a lot of time in my hands, I know. Since I had almost a heart attack by eating too much fatty Tapa, I decided to have a change of diet and decrease eating rice, which I resolve that I would only eat once a day, every other day. So in between eating oatmeal and banana, I need to find a way to be more creative with them.

Since I’m craving for something sweet, and I want to eat a graham cake, I decided to do a Banana Graham cake in a mug.


Luckily, I have the needed ingredients available. I used a single pack of Graham crackers, bananas, condensed cream and whipped cream.


I crushed the Graham cracker first.I put a few pieces of it at the bottom of the mug. Then, I added a some condensed milk.


I then added the sliced bananas and topped it with a whipped cream.


Then I added the crushed graham crackers again and condensed milk. Then topped it with banana and whipped cream.


I just repeat the process till it filled my mug.


I could have chilled this one first. But I’m really hungry, and the condensed milk and whipped cream is chilled anyway, so I decided the eat it right away. So far, this is the tastiest and easiest food I ever made.




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