CPOP: “I Don’t Know” By Diana Wang

I am a big CPOP fan. Well, it’s the only thing my ears can tolerate for now. Not only am I a big CPop fan, I had been a fan of the KO Series, a Taiwanese drama, and became a really big fan after the season two of K.O. One, which is K.O. Return. Since then, I look forward to the dramas next season or series.

One of my favorite CP/OTP is from The X-Dormitory, is Ye Sheng and Julia, played by SpeXial’s Wayne Huang and Diana Wang.

So, imagine my surprise (and excitement) when Diana released an MV of her new song, “I Don’t Know”, and her partner in the MV is Wayne!

So, here’s the MV that I have been playing on repeat mode for quite some time now.


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