Misadventures: An #Instagrammable Solo Trip To Cavite, Tagaytay & Batangas

I know , I know… I’ve been neglecting this blog. I have not written anything for the longest time. But… now, I’m back! Hopefully, it’s not that one-off-I-only-write-something-here-when-something-good-happens.

It’s been a long time since I went out of town. I think the last time I went out of town was during my goddaughter’s confirmation, and we went to Enchanted Kingdom that time. And so, I planned another trip -another solo trip, that is. Sometimes, you need a time alone by yourself without any of your friends, so that you could get to know other people.

I was planning to go to Las Casas Filipinas, but I’m still contemplating on whether I should go alone or join a joiner trip. While doing the planning, I chanced upon an #Instagrammable tour from Hitch Travel and Tours.

I checked their itinerary. The tour consists of different places (seven, to be exact) from Cavite, Tagaytay, and Batangas. They covered several IG worthy places in those three places. Honestly, I am not a selfie type of person. I don’t like taking too many selfies. I just like taking pictures of other things and post it on my IG. Since I wanted to practice taking better pictures, I wanted to go on a solo trip to refresh myself, I wanted something different to post on my IG feed, and I needed something to update on this blog, I decided to sign up for this trip.

We left early morning on Sunday going to Cavite for our first stop – the Korean Temple. For those who are K-drama or K-pop fanatic, this is a perfect place for them to take selfies. But for me, unfortunately, I am not a K-pop nor a K-drama fanatic (I am into Taiwanese dramas and C-pop). However, I’m curious as to how those temples look like.


I don’t understand what it says…


One of the “guards” by the gate


This mini tower will greet you the moment you enter the temple

We’re allowed to take pictures around the place, however, we are not allowed inside the temple. So, I just stood outside the temple and zoomed in my camera to get this shot


Inside the temple


Full view of the temple, ignore the people taking pictures


The mini tower again, I don’t know what this is called.

Of course, most of the people were doing the finger heart sign. I didn’t.

Next stop is Dreamland Arts and Cafe. It’s one of the IG worthy places in Tagaytay. This small cafe has two stories – the lower part is like a souvenir store, and the upper part is where you can eat.

The play is filled with dream catchers (maybe that’s why it’s called Dreamland). The walls are also filled with motivational posters and quotes. It looks like a hipster haven, in my opinion. From what I heard, they serve healthy foods, but we weren’t able to order or eat anything as we have a tight schedule. We stayed there briefly just to take pictures.

As you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by several dream catchers at the front of the cafe.



Be Brave





This is me, I guess





This mandala caught my eye






This is a good background for a selfie (and yes, I did take a selfie at this wall)

The upper floor is filled with more dream catchers. It even has a wall/division made of dream catchers.




This table and chairs caught my eye because of its design.



Dream catcher wall



Surf board table


You can calso play sungka 







Our next stop is Pink Sisters also in Tagaytay. When we arrived, there was an ongoing mass. I decided to take just a few pictures, hear a few minutes of mass and then I left.





On my way back to the van, I found a stall that sells bibingka. So, I had to stop by and grab one, because I suddenly felt hungry.


Our next stop is The Gingerbread House back in Cavite. It’s like a winter wonderland in the middle of a tropical country. Going there makes it feel like Christmas. I think kids would enjoy going there the most.

Our tour guide said their bread tastes good. There were a lot of pastries, but I haven’t seen any bread (or maybe I’m being far-sighted again). There’s a smores place,  a playhouse for kids, and tons of place where you can sit and relax. There’s even a fish spa for your feet!


The main house really looked like a gingerbread house. Actually, it looks like Christmas. I heard that during the Christmas season, it’s snows here at night. Of course, the snow must be artificial, as there’s really no snow here in the Philippines.



Big gingerbread house. Not edible, though. 









Too cute to eat




There was also a huge bear here. Everyone wants to take pictures with it. I patiently waited until I could be alone with the bear.



You don’t know how long I’ve waited to take a picture for of this bear.

They also have a room, where they made a diorama out of the gingerbread houses.



Sonya’s Garden is our next destination. I’ve seen this place from the IG of celebrities, and so, I got curious. I was excited with all the flowers and plants that I can take pictures of. We were supposed to go downhill, but unfortunately, we were not allowed as we were not checked in. One of their staffs kept on following us, just to make sure we won’t go to where their guests are. And so, I just took pictures from areas that we are allowed.





Found a bed in the middle of the garden




I can’t pass into this arched tree, so I had to take another way




Got bitten by the ants when I sat and rest here for a while




Not sure which insect this is





IG worthy rose


We had our lunch after we went to Sonya’s Garden. After our lunch, we headed to our next destination, which Calaruega Church. I wasn’t abe to explore much or take a lot of pictures or even get to the church itself, because I was quite tired. It was noon time, and it was really hot, the sun is almost melting it. After taking a few pictures, I decided to go back to the van to rest.




Actually, I’m reserving all my energy to our last destination. I’m really excited about it because it’s the closest thing to Disneyland that I could go to. Well, that and Enchanted Kingdom.

Our last destination is Fantasy World in Batangas. This was supposed to be the Disneyland of the Philippines. Unfortunately, this project was abandoned because of lack of funds. I remember seeing this place on 90’s to 2000’s TV programs and dramas on TV. I wondered what happened to this place until this abandoned place was once again featured in some news and magazines.

It was a one hour travel to this place. We were supposed to take a 500 meter walk and ride a jeepney, but since we lack time and we wanted to get here before it closes at 5 PM, our driver and tour coordinator decided he’ll just bring us there. However, to get there, we have to take a zigzag road. And, it was like riding a roller coaster on our way there. But hey, that bumpy ride is all worth it.










A lame attempt to do something dramatic







I have a fascination with fancy, big gates



I heard there were plans to re-develop this place. I really hope they will, because the place had a lot of potential. Plus, the structures are there and just needs repairs and restoration.

I did enjoy this trip. I’ll probably sign up again in the future, once I finished all the places in my bucket list. I do hope Hitch would offer an instagrammable tour to other places as well.



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