Misadventure: Books And Fireworks

I’m into the second (going third) month of 2018, as well as into the morning shift, and I have not gone into any misadventure yet. Well, except for the food park crawl with my college buddies last January. But that’s a different thing! I need another misadventure, and it doesn’t matter if I go solo!

Let me start off with a planned date with my BFF. We were supposed to go to the Pyromusical Competition this Saturday at SM Mall of Asia, but we had to cancel because she had not been feeling well since the start of February.

Next, a colleague told me about going to this book sale called Big Bad Wolf, where you can buy books in a very low price.

Have I mentioned I didn’t have any solo misadventure for this year yet?

I don’t want to waste my weekend again playing The Sims 4, or wrecking my brain trying to finish a story that took me forever to finish. And so, I decided to go to Big Bad Wolf and to the Pyromusical.

Big Bad Wolf, from what I have gathered, is the biggest book sale from Malaysia. It has been in other countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand. And since reading is part of bucket list, and I wanted to check the books they have, I decided to go to this event.

Big Bad Wolf had it’s run for 2 weeks and is open 24 hours. Nevertheless, there were still a lot of people who came, since it’s the second to the last day.

IMG_4609 (1)

IMG_2182 IMG_2185

There are a lot of books I really wanted to buy, but I had to stick to my budget. Some of the books I was hoping to find was not there, or maybe I did not look hard enough. Nevertheless, I’m happy with my purchase. I bought a total of 9 books for Php 1880. Not bad, right?


I wanted to buy this one, but still expensive for me 😦



My haul

After staying for an hour in Big Bad Wolf, I decided to go to Mall of Asia to stroll while waiting for the Pyromusical. Once I saw a booth where the tickets were sold, I immediately bought my tickets. I chose to stay in Gold or Standing Area.

IMG_2199 I also had my late lunch there. I stayed for the rest of the afternoon hanging out at Cafe Bene.



Then, by 6:30 PM, I decided to look for the venue of the Pyromusical. Good thing I was able to find it right away, and I was able to enter early.


There were a lot of people that night. While waiting for the event, the crowd was entertained by a band. However, there seemed to be some technical issues that the event started around 8:00 PM.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the competition.

IMG_4065 IMG_3177

IMG_3120 IMG_3080

IMG_3002 IMG_2985

IMG_2977 IMG_2359

The countries competing that night is USA and Germany, with the latter being the 1st runner up last year. I heard they won again last night.

Even though my day was so full and tiring, I enjoyed my solo misadventure. I hope I could watch the Pyromusical again before it end its run this March.


My Splice Of Life: The Someday Jar

Sometimes, you find a book and at first look, you knew you’re going to love the story. Does this happen to anyone, or just me?

Anyway, reading more books and staying offline as much as possible is one of my bucket list/ New Year’s Resolution for this year. Before Christmas, I decided to stop by Book Sale and find a book I could read. Luckily, I found this book entitled “The Someday Jar” by Allison Morgan.

The story is about Lanie Howard, who works at her boyfriend’s firm. She was about to get married to her boyfriend, when she found her someday jar. Her someday jar is like her bucket list, that she promised to her estranged dad that she will do and finish before she gets married. Although she was having second thoughts of opening the jar, she finally decided to open and read her slips when she was saved by a stranger/fiance’s family friend from choking on a lemon rind. Yep. Choked on a lemon rind.

It was very light and funny. It focuses more on Lanie’s attempts to fulfil her childhood wishes, before getting married. Of course, there is romance involved in the novel, but it was subtly  done, it didn’t overpower the main theme of the story. There are a lot of scenes in the story, wherein I had to to stop reading and laugh until I could no longer laugh.

When you’re on the brink of death, I guess not only will your life flash back to you like a movie. Maybe you’ll instantly regret the things you have not done in your life because you wanted stability and stay in your comfort zone. Honestly, this book has encouraged me to tackle all or most of my bucket list for this year.

What I liked about Lanie is that she found the courage to continue with her someday jar, although Evan, her jerk of a boyfriend, and her mother is against it. Although some of what she have written in her jar is impossible or quite silly, she managed to finish them all.

Wes, the stranger who saved Lanie, was a swoon-worthy character. He was very supportive of her, even if he doesn’t show it. He had always taken Lanie’s feelings in consideration, unlike Evan.

Kit is the kind of best friend you’ll want. She’ll hate whomever you hate. She’ll make sure you look good and pretty by lending you her stuff. She’s also very supportive of Lanie with her someday jar.

I really enjoyed reading the story. If I could, I could have finished this in a day. But hey, I got to finish it, and love it.

Here are some of the favorite lines/quotes from the book.

“Do you ever worry that life is passing you by while day in and day out you’re focused on what you’re supposed to be doing, rather than what you want to be doing? Then, before you know it, you’re old and curled up on your deathbed, weigh ninety pounds, nothing but elbows and knees, consumed with remorseful thoughts that obligations and function controlled your life while you sat idly by and watched it happen. Feeble and unable to eat anything but chicken broth or ice chips, you think, Golden years my ass, I’ll never get the chance to shout my name from the rooftop and why didn’t I take advantage of my youth?”

“Call me Wes. I dropped the ‘-ton’ years ago, right after my boy band fell apart.”

“Stay. Stay because I might be in love with you.”

“Because every girl needs a candy cane.”

“Fear reminds us we’re still alive. Regret will dig us an early grave.”

“Promise me you’ll explore life. Promise me you’ll color outside the line.”




2017 Favorites And Higlights

2017 is almost done! Time really flies so fast, isn’t it?

2017 is the year I got to travel and eat more. I discovers old and new things that I absolutely loved. It’s also the year I got to go back to being the fan girl me. Sure,  lot of things has happened this year. Some of them are very memorable, some of them are just meh. So for this blog, I’ve decided to list the highlights of my 2017.

  1. This  #Instagrammable tour   in Batangas, Tagaytay and Cavite. 

I’m not sure why, but there’s something about me going on a solo trip that made me feel more recharged. This was my favorite travel for this year because not only was I going solo, it’s because I got to go to so many IG-worthy places.

So here is one of my favorite pictures I took from the trip:



2. Carousel Creamery has been one of the yummiest ice creams I have ever tasted. They  have tons of flavors to choose from.

3. One of the few dramas I have watched that I really liked is “Love, Timeless” which stars Nick Chou and Summer Meng. It’s about two friends who accidentally travelled back to their 20s after one of their friends jumped off the building. What I liked about the drama is that they are trying their best to correct the mistakes they made in the present by actually making different decisions and ultimately changing their present timeline.


4. And speaking of “Love, Timeless”, the opening song 不放 or “Can’t Let Go” by Nick Chou has become a favorite of mine this year.





5. Speaking of time travel, I was also able to finally watch “Orange: Mirai” this year. Although it was released in 2016, subs only came out this March.




4. 2017 is the year I got to watch more dramas, more specifically the KO series. Watching all of the shows in KO Series is in my bucketlist and a challenge for me. This year, I was able to finish 3 seasons of KO One – KO One, KO One Re-Act and KO One Remember.













I was only able to finish KO One after 8 years of putting it off. And out of the 4 seasons that were already out (A fifth season will be out next year), The fourth one, KO One Remember,  has became my favorite.

5. And it’s all because of this guy, who really gave an outstanding act in a rather absurd drama. Wes Luo suddenly became my favorite SpeXial member (well, next to Wayne and Brent).


SpeXial’s Wes as Gu Zhan.

Oh, and Wes of SpeXial was also nominated at Golden Bell Awards this year (more like Emmy’s of Taiwan) for his performance in another drama.

6. Speaking of SpeXial, one of my favorite member also released a single, which I play on the loop.


7.  2017 is also the year I got to writeoff something off my bucketlist – and that is to finish NaNoWrimo.

My novel is still far from being complete, but I guess I have a good start. I’m halfway through, and hopefully I can finish my story next year.

8. I’m ending the year by starting to write a journal. I bought two journals/planner – one is the 100 Bucket List to write all of the things I want to do for the next ten years. Another is the 365 Journal, which I use for my 365 Alive Project. I’m going to blog about my progress with these journals in the future.

So that’s most of the highlight of my year. I’m looking forward to more misadventures in 2018. Hopefully, it will be much better that this year. I know it will.

My Splice Of Life: About “Saving Francesca”

It was February 2008, a week before I will start in my new company. Nanay and I went to Marikina Riverbanks to get something I could use in my new office. In one of the far corners of the store we went to, I found the book “Saving Francesca”.

I read the summary at the back of the book, and since I am writing an almost similar plot where a girl get transferred to an all-boys school, I decided to buy to make it as my reference.

The story about Francesca Spinelli, who narrates it in her own view. She just started Year 11 in Saint Sebastian’s, which is an all-boys school that started to accept girls that school year. As a new school year starts, she had to deal with things happening in her life – new school, trying to make new friends, feeling left out since her friends went to another school, falling in love, and her mother’s depression.

What affected her and her family most is her mother’s depression. Suddenly, she found herself getting support from her new friends during these times. She is stuck in the middle – trying to be an adult and a child at the same time. Frankie is used to hearing her mother’s words of wisdom and encouragement (or butting in to her life and telling her what to do) almost everyday, and with her being like a ghost in the house, she suddenly felt lost.

Frankie had to face her world on her own. She became friends with some of the Stella girls who also goes to Saint Sebastian’s – Tara the feminist, Siobhan the flirt,  and Justine the shy and quiet girl. She also found an unlikely friendship from Thomas, music lover, Jimmy the stoner, and Will, the Year 12 guy who will become her love interest in the story.

I found myself unable to put down the book the moment I read the first chapter. I have read the whole book over and over again. I love how the author depicts high school in a more real sense. While others may candy-coat high school stories, Melina Marchetta writes how high school really is. Every words and lines are unforgettable. There are linesin the story that I sometime read over and over again, especially when I feel sad. Whenever feel so down, I just go and reread this book to cheer me up.

I love how Frankie’s character developed in the story. She had no  idea what she wants to do with her life yet. She is in a stage where she is finding her place and her identity. She struggles to conform with what her old friends want her to be, instead of what she really is, just to  be accepted by them. In the end, she let lose and began to be herself. When before, she needed to be saved by others, her resolute at the end of the story is that it’s only her that can save herself.

At the time I was reading this, I can relate to it since there’s a big change in my life. I see myself in Frankie, uncertain of things to come. I love this book so much, but sadly, it got lost. Not sure if it got flooded, or it simply got lost during moving to our house. Still this is one of my favorite books.

And since I love quoting this book, below are my favorite lines.

“Comfort zones are overrated. They make you lazy”

“Do you think people have noticed that I’m around?”
“I notice it when you’re not. Does that count?

“I think we’re made up of all these different pieces and every time someone goes, you’re left with less of yourself.”

“Do something that scares you everyday.”

“I want to be an adjective again. But I’m a noun.
A nothing. A nobody. A no one.”

“Memory is a funny thing. It tricks you into believing that you’ve forgotten important moments, and then when you’re raking your brain for a bit of information that might make sense of something else, it taps you on the head and says, “Remember when you told me to put that memory in the green rubbish bin? Well, I didn’t, I put it in the black recycling tub, and it’s coming your way again.”

“I think I’m a bit in love with these girls. They make me feel giddy. Like I haven’t a care in the world. Like I’m fearless.
Like I used to be.”

“When I grow up, I’m going to be my mother.”

“You’re my rock.”

“I didn’t even know who I w as here, so what made me think that I’d know who I was over there?”

“You go and shake your foundations, Will. I think it’s about time I saved myself.”


~~~ Heading grabbed from hypable.com

CPOP: “I Don’t Know” By Diana Wang

I am a big CPOP fan. Well, it’s the only thing my ears can tolerate for now. Not only am I a big CPop fan, I had been a fan of the KO Series, a Taiwanese drama, and became a really big fan after the season two of K.O. One, which is K.O. Return. Since then, I look forward to the dramas next season or series.

One of my favorite CP/OTP is from The X-Dormitory, is Ye Sheng and Julia, played by SpeXial’s Wayne Huang and Diana Wang.

So, imagine my surprise (and excitement) when Diana released an MV of her new song, “I Don’t Know”, and her partner in the MV is Wayne!

So, here’s the MV that I have been playing on repeat mode for quite some time now.

642 Tiny Things To Write About -A Book Of Quick Writes

I was so happy when I found the Fully Booked is back in Gateway! And what made me more happy is when I saw this book.

I have been dealing with writer’s block for years now, and I badly wanted to get back into writing. One reason why I opened this blog, is so that I can fore myself to write, instead of doing the usual reblog on Tumblr. When I saw this book, I said to myself, “Hey, this can be a cure to my writer’s block!”. But, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to start writing yet. I planned to write during my long vacation and start with this one. Nevertheless, I’ll include writing in my new year’s resolution.

Browsing the book, I found the topics to write about very witty and creative. Some made me think that I can write about that topic, and some made me think “WTF?! I have no idea how to write that!”

Here are some topics/subjects I picked from the book in random.

Create a new government agency. Start with an acronym.

DECT – Department of Extraterrestrial Contact and Technology

Describe your job as if it were a hobby

I like to do testing, and capturing defects. From time to time, I also talk to the team onshore to discuss the results of the testing. I also like to write SQL scripts for reports, and run them to production. I usually send the reports to those who like it.

Describe your hobby as if it were a job

My responsibility is to watch and review Asian Dramas and Anime, and listen and review music, making sure that they are of good quality, and at par with the rest of it’s kind. I am also tasked to do creative writing, mostly in the topic of romance, drama and comedy.

The first or last paragraph of the book you lack the courage to publish

“I grew up believing in fairy tales. I always believed that I am a princess or a damsel in distress, and that my prince would one day find me and save me. I always knew that when I love, I will love forever. I’ve always waited for the day when I will grew up and find the love that I’ve always wanted.”

Yeah, I know what I wrote is too lame. I still need practice. But anyway, it’s a start, right?

I love this little book a lot. It gets my mind thinking of what I can write. There are more than a hundred ways to write about a certain topic in this book, that I could not decide which I should write. It is really a good book for writing, and it does give you a tiny flash of inspiration.

Things I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving Day is something that we don’t normally celebrate here in the Philippines. However, we are slowly getting acquainted with such occasion.

Although days have passed since this occasion, it would be nice to stop and think about things to be grateful for. I made a blog entry for this in one of my oldest blog, and I used make a list every year, and I’m not sure why I stopped.

  • I thank God for the life I’m living. It’s not perfect, and it’s not going the way I wanted it to be, but it’s my life – a life so unique that it was given to me. I still have a long way to go, and I may not know now the reasons for what’s happening in my life, and for my purpose here on earth, I still thank God for giving me a chance to live.
  • I thank God for my job. Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with it, but I am thankful to be given a chance for this job. I always have fear of not being able to get a job, because I never graduated from college, but here I am now. I thank God for my bosses who understand me, and my colleagues who always cheer me up.My job pays the bill, brings food on the table, and give me a little luxury in life. Though I want to give up, I still do my best because I want to prove myself to everyone at work.
  • I thank God for friends who went out of their way to reach and help me. I’ve always thought I am alone, but they proved to me that I’m not. Even when I want to be left alone, they still do their best to reach out to me
  • I thank God for my next-door neighbor, who had been looking after me since Nanay died. They had made my life much easier. In them, I found a second family.
  • I thank God for all the trials and challenges He gave me in the past. If He had not given me such trials, I wouldn’t be able to learn a valuable lesson. I thank God that He opened my eyes, and made me realize that I am stronger and braver than I think I am. There are times that I want to give up, times when I question why He had given me such trials at a very young age. But I know He will nver give me something that I cannot overcome. I trust in Him that he will not give me a challenge that I know I could not overcome without His help
  • I thank God for all the small opportunities that he gave me. Though I know I failed, I thank Him for making me be a better person after each experience.
  • I thank God for my Nanay. I thank Him for giving me her to be my mother. She is my strength, my best friend, my everything (I know this really sound so cheesy). She was always there for me, taking care of me, providing for me. She was able to do her role as both a mom and a dad for me. With her, I never felt incomplete for she have given me her love unconditionally. I thank God that she did not suffer that long. Sometimes, I question why He had to take her away from me. I may not understand His reasons for now, but I’m thankful for the 33 years He gave me to be with her. If I’m going to live my life again, I will always chose my Nanay to be my mother once again.
  • I thank God for the strength and courage he gave me every day. I don’t even know how I survive until this day, but I know that without Him, I will be weak.

There are a lot more things I am thankful for in this life. How about you, what are you thankful for?