Loving The Taste Of Bread At The Breadery

We have been working in PST hours for the past 1 year and a half, and it was a fresh breath of air when we finally got the early morning shift. Being in the morning shift means we can get to try out the restaurants around Ortigas that’s usually closed during the wee hours of the night. Our only options during the night shift are convenience stores and fast food, and believe me, when we’re eating fast food every time we’re working at the office, we are craving for something new and something home cooked.

There is one store that I have been eyeing for a long time, but didn’t have the chance to go to – it’s The Breadery, a bakery along F. Ortigas Jr. Road (commonly known as Emerald Ave.) They sell lots of good, artisan breads and drinks. So since we are already on the morning shift and we are pretty sure it’s already open, we went there to check out their products.

The smell of freshly baked breads and pastries welcomed us the moment we came inside the store. There are a lot of breads to choose from. I know I had a hard time choosing what to order. You can also get a free taste on most of the breads to see which one you would like the best.


Look at how yummy the breads are!

I was looking for something sweet, as my sweet tooth mode is on again, so I checked to see all of their sweet breads.


DSC_0569 - blog.JPG

A lot to choose from, and I can’t decide what to order, as they all smell good. If I had a lot of money that time, I would have ordered at least one of each bread they had that day.

And so, I settled on these:


I ordered the canelé, cheese roll, and chocolate croissant. Plus, I had the strawberry frozen beverage.

The canelé, based on The Breadery’s website, is a pastry from Bordeaux, France. It has a crunchy texture on the outside, but the inside is soft and creamy. It has subtle amount of sweetness on it. When you eat it, this pastry seems to melt on your mouth.

Next is the cheese roll. It is soft both inside and out. The cheese seems like it has just melted, as it has a soft texture.

The chocolate croissant has a Belgian chocolate inside. It’s puffy and airy inside, and has that crunch when you bite on to it. The chocolate is not too sweet – just the right amount of sweetness for someone like me who ordered a lot of sweet breads.

Lastly, I ordered the strawberry frozen beverage as I had too many coffee that morning. It’s not as sweet as what Starbucks had. It’s more on the creamy side. Can’t taste much of the strawberry, if not for the strawberry syrup they drizzled on the side of the plastic cup.

Overall, I enjoyed eating at the Breadery, although it’s a bit expensive than BreadTalk and Tous Les Jour. Hopeully, I could come back here and try more of their breads and coffee.