Doodles: Drawing A Mandala

I admit, I am not good in drawing. I don’t have a talent for it. I’m not even  sure how I survived engineering school with that fact. And I don’t know why I even have a penchant for drawing materials.

I’m not sure what I am thinking when I bought a sketch pad. I thought maybe I could use it for practising calligraphy, but I am not good with calligraphy too. I resolve to use it as a bullet journal, but I’m too lazy to journal lately.


I bought the sketch pad for Php 195, and the brush pen for Php 88

And so, I decided to just doodle. I decided to draw a mandala, since I have always been fascinated with the way they are drawn. Mine wasn’t as elaborate as the other’s but it was a start, right?

I first started with margins (of course!) and quarter circles at the corners,and a circle in the middle. I used a gray Pentel pen brush pen for outline at first, before deciding to use a black gel pen instead.


I started drawing inside the quarter circles. Eachcircles has it’s own design, except for the top.


Once I’m done with the corners, I began to decide what design I should put on the circle. I made too much erasures


I did try to insert a filigree on it, but erased it


This is supposed to be the final design, but I wasn’t too happy with the center.


Final draft, finally!

My next project would be a mandala in blue ink. But as of now, I have to rest my hand as it did hurt when I drew this. It’s been a long time since I have drawn. Aside from that, I’m still thinking of my next design.