Dream Misadventure – Getting Lost In Asia

Travelling will always be in my bucket list. However, I wasn’t able to do much travelling, especially during my younger years because

  • I’m lazy AF
  • I don’t have the budget
  • I’m busy with work and other stuffs

Like others who wish to travel, I want to travel abroad. I want to explore all the countries and all the continents. So far, the only place I’ve ever been, that’s abroad, is in Canada, which I was sent not for leisure, but for purely business. If I’m going to travel abroad, I want to go to Asian countries first.

Here are some Asian countries I wish to visit in the future.


Image from taiwan.gov.tw

Blame it to me watching too much Taiwanese dramas. I’ve been dreaming of wandering the streets of Taipei, and go on a food trip at the Shilin night market. And of course, I wanted to go on top of Taipei 101 and shout “Dao Ming Si!” Just Kidding.

Shilin Night Market. Image from expedia.com

Been wanting one of these.
Image from http://neil-wade.photoshelter.com/image/I0000VkF3pm4_Sq0

Another place I wish to go to is the European Garden at Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village. If you’re a big TWDrama fan, or a big Fahrenheit fan, you  would know why 😉

There’s something romantic with this place.
Image from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/74273001

Most of all, if I’m going to Taiwan. It’s to watch these beautiful people sing live.

My queens!


Probably it’s because I’ve been watching too much Asian Food Channel, that’s why I want to wander in Malaysia. Watching the shows hosted by Jason Yeoh on AFC, I was in awe with how the people there have preserved much of their architecture and culture.

Image from dreamstime.com

Image from quinsadventure.wordpress.com

And of course, I’m in there for the food. I wanted to try their Kaya toast and Kaya puff.

Kaya Toast
Image from takemetofoodieheaven.com

Kaya Puff. 
Image from http://testwithskewer.blogspot.com



Initially, I wanted to go to Singapore to work, since everyone I know has been migrating there. Since I’m unlucky with my applications for work in this country, I realized working here is not for me. But hey, I can still visit, right?


Helix Bridge. Image from makemytrip.com



Flower Dome. Image from makemytrip.com


Marina Bay Sands. Image from yoursingapore.com


This is the place I’ve always dreamed and wanted to go to since I was a child. I am very fascinated with this country, their culture and tradition. I wanted to see the cherry blossom blooms. I want to wear a yukata in a summer festival and watch fireworks after. I want to roam the streets of Ropponggi, Asakusa and Akihabara. I want to take a dip in an onsen. I want to do everything that I see in anime, Japanese Dramas and Japanese movies. Please take me here!


Image from borepanda.com


Image from travelience.com


Image from bootsnall.com



Image from iheartjapan.ca

There are a lot more Asian countries that I want to visit, but the ones I listed were my the ones I’m dying to visit.


A/N: All photos not mine. Credits to the owner