Payday Lunch at Ming Bistro

A few weeks ago, when I was working from home  because I couldn’t wake up early, my colleagues had their lunch at Ming Bistro.When I cam back, they were gushing over their lunch the previous day, as they were amazed at how big the serving is, especially their congee. And so, this payday, we had our lunch at Ming Bistro.


Once you come in to this restaurant, you’ll feel as if you went inside a typical Chinese home. The place is adorned with reds, greens, some hexagon design in the ceiling and the wall, and lotus-shaped lights on the wall.



Initially, I decided to order their roasted asado rice. Then, I realized that it’s been a long time I ate pork asado, and so I ordered the pork asado and a cup of steamed rice instead.


Honestly, I judge a Chinese restaurant by the taste of their asado. So far, their pork asado is in my liking. Not sure if this one is smoke like what others used to do, but it does have that smoky taste. It is savory, a little bit sweet and sour, and the sauce gave it the sweetness that I am looking for in a pork asado.

Then, I ordered ice cream. I wanted to be a little bit more adventurous, so I ordered their Green Tea ice cream. Honestly, I’m not fond of green tea, or any tea for that matter, as I don’t like the strong smell and taste. However, I found myself enjoying their Green Tea ice cream.



The price of the menu is a little bit expensive, so it’s not somewhere we could go out every day to eat lunch. However,  this is a restaurant we can indulge in to once in a while, like when it’s payday. Overall, I enjoyed the food, the place and the atmosphere here.


Ming Bistro is located in Philippine Stock Exchange, Tektite Tower.