Coffee Shop Saturday: Coffee & Pastry Shop By Chef G

I’m trying this new thing, wherein every Saturday, I would go to a different coffee shop (that’s not Starbucks, CBTL, or other well-known coffee shops), and try on their menu.

For my first stop, I’m not going far from my place. I went to this small coffee shop just outside our subdivision called Coffee & Pastry Shop by Chef G.

The moment I came in, the first thing I noticed is this nice, elaborate crystal chandelier.


Looks really fancy, right? It made the small coffee shop a little more homey. Their wall accent is also nice. I like the black and white stripes on the wall.

I ordered Strawbery Mocha Frappe and two slices of their Hawaiian Pizza.



Their Strawberry Mocha Frappe tastes like a blend of choco, coffee and strawberry. Imagine Nestle’s Berry Mocha, but much better. You could taste the strawberry, as it almost overpower the coffee. It’s a little too sweet, maybe because of the whip cream and syrup on top of it, but somewhat tolerable.


The Hawaiian Pizza has a generous topping. It has a thick crust, but amazingly, it’s crispy. It may be inexpensive, but it tastes like the other branded pizzas.

The price is just right, that students can afford their coffee. So if you don’t have much budget, and wants some nice, fancy coffee, this is the place to go to.