“Orange” Thoughts

Being on Tumblr for a long time, I discover a lot of new and good things- it could be a new book, new drama, new movie or new manga. In my case, I discover this great manga called “Orange”.


Image from myanimelist.net

It is a slice-of-life mange by Ichigo Takano. The story revolves around Takamiya Naho. On the first day of their class, she receives a letter from her future self, which tells what will happen on that day, and on the following days. The only request her future self asks is to save their friend (and love interest), Naruse Kakeru, who is not longer with them in the future.

The first time I read the manga, I fell in love with it. It got me thinking if it’s really possible to time travel (even through letters) and change the past and make a new parallel world with all the changes. I could feel Naho in every scene.


Grabbed from Pinterest. CTTO.

That’s literally me, every time I read the manga.

I was halfway through the manga when they announced that Orange will get a live action movie. I was so excited to see this come to life.


Image from orange-movie.com

It was shown in Japan December last year. And since I’m not from Japan, either I have to wait for the DVD of it, or wait from someone to sub it. And I’m sure glad someone has subbed it. So far they stayed true to the manga, although there are some scene from the manga that was not included in the movie. The cinematography captured the emotion of the scene. Actors did a good job portraying their characters. I like Tao Tsuchiya’s acting, as she was perfect for the role of Naho. And the background music, every time it plays, my heart seems to clench that I need a good cry.

And just like when I was reading the manga, I was crying the whole time.

Oh, and after watching this movie, it was anounced there will be an anime for Orange.


Image from orange-takanoichigo.tumblr.com

So, for those wanting a good cry, I recommend this manga/movie/anime.