Cafe. Waiting. Love

“Everyone is waiting for someone.”


February 2015.

It was a long flight back home. I was on the plane going from Vancouver to Hong Kong. I randomly checked the in-flight movies. Yeah, sure, I can rewatch Big Hero 6 that time, but it wouldn’t be exciting as how I watch it a few hours before I left Canada.

Then, I saw this movie.


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Cafe. Waiting. Love

I remember seeing that on FB, as I have been following Pauline Lan, a.k.a. Xia Xiong from “The X Family”. Curious, I decided to watch this movie. Then, as I was watching it, another familiar face came into the screen. Wait, that was the guy in Pets Tseng’s MV!


I actually preferred her with Jiro, but heck, this guy is cute. Image from

The movie’s story revolves around Si Ying. One day, after a club meeting, she found an old notebook from a former club member. After almost being hit by a bus, she met Ze Yu. She then accidentally got a part time job in a cafe, own by a mysterious lady, and whose barista is the handsome androgynous Ah Bu Si. From this cafe, she also met Ah Tou, who has been a subject of the campus’ urban legend. Ah Tou and Si Ying became friends after she stood up for him in front of his friends. Through him, she also met the other characters, which is Ah Tou’s boss, Bao Ge, and his former wife, Jin Dao.

Without spoiling much of the story, this movie is about love, and all of it’s aspects – moving on, letting go, acceptance and forgiveness. Most of all, it’s about fate, and learning to realize the one who is fated for you.

There are a lot of funny parts in this movie. Actually, I have been laughing my heart out silently while watching this. Of course, I didn’t want to disturb the other passengers. There are some ridiculous parts as well that made me go “WTF????”. And like any other romantic comedy movies out there, there are parts where I was bawling my eyes out.


My quetion here is “WHY?” Image from


Such a handsome guy… but wait she’s a girl! Image from

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I never expected I would enjoy and love this one. Oh and by the way, the cafe the used in the movie turned out to be a real cafe. So that could be one of the places I plan to visit if I go to Taiwan.