Quick Stop At Tagaytay – Josephine’s and Rowena’s

Before going home to Manila, we made a quick stop in Tagaytay. It has been years since I last went to this place, so I gave it a go. My mission here was to buy some goodies at Rowena’s, and to find an affordable honey.

We were able to find a bottle of honey along the way. If you frequent Tagaytay, you’ll usually see vendors selling fruits and other goodies along the road. I bought a bottle of honey for Php 150. It was a deal, because I also bought a bottle of honey for my Team Lead.


Then, our next stop is Rowena’s Tarts. If you want to buy “pasalubong” from Tagaytay which is not Collette’s then this is the place to go to. I was planning to buy blueberry cheesecake tarts, but I preferred the sylvanas.


Sylvanas are Php 200 each pack, and I bought two. I saw a wine with nice bottle, but I didn’t buy it. Maybe next time I’m around the place.

Next stop is Josephine’s. We didn’t eat lunch before leaving Club Balai Isabel, and only ate pizza. So, we indulged ourselves to their great tasting food.


Lechon Kawali


Kare Kare


Baked Tahong


Seafood platter

We sat right in front of the overview. It was a very relaxing combination – Good Food + Beautiful View = Relaxing afternoon.



Bulalo Stop at Rose And Grace’s

On the way to Club Balai Isabel, we had a quick stop at Rose and Grace’s Bulalo in Sto. Tomas Batangas for an early dinner. We were all hungry by the time we arrived. Of course, we are in Batangas, and of course, we need a taste of Bulalo.


We ordered a big bowl of Bulalo. Unfortunately, the bowl served to us didn’t have any bone marrow.


Then, we also ordered two servings of grilled tuna belly. I was amazed at how big the serving is.


I already took a piece to eat before I realized I had to take a picture of it.

The food is great. Although we were a bit surprised by the price of tuna, but it’s worth it because of how big the serving is.


Team Building At Club Balai Isabel

We have been stressed lately. With the last quarter of the year coming, and 2016 going to end soon, it’s almost crunch time to us. We have been too pressured lately from work, and we needed to unwind and relax, or else we’ll get burned out. As studies says, too much stress can destroy the neurons in the brain. We don’t want that to happen to us.

Good thing, September 5 is a holiday in Canada. And since we follow Canadian holidays, it’s a long weekend for us. Our team planned to have a team building for the long weekend, and luckily, one of our team mates have a membership in Club Balai Isabel, so we decided to to do our team building there.

We left Sunday afternoon in Ortigas. After a stop over at Rose and Grace’s Restaurant in Sto. Tomas, Batangas for an early dinner,  we arrived in Club Balai Isabel at around 7 PM. We stayed at Balai Laurel, one of the villas in Club Balai. Some of us rested for a while (including me), others had to go out to look for and buy some ice for our drinks.




Our Room

Our room is very spacious. It had 2 queen size beds and a small kitchen.

After everyone has settled down, we decided to roam around the place that night, and take a night swim.


After our night swim, we then began our bonding – drinking!



I wasn’t able to take much pictures that night. I was planning to wake up early to take a photo of the sunrise, but since I was too drunk the night before and slept late, I wasn’t able to do so.

We strolled the place that morning. While two of my team mates were biking around the place, we chilled at the poolside.


We went home by 1 PM. We had a quick stop at Tagaytay, but that would be for another entry.