Misadventures: Going Solo in Ilocos – Day 3

It’s our last day in Ilocos. It’s a Sunday, and the next day is Monday. Only means one thing – time to face responsibilities and stress once again.

We had breakfast at 6 AM, checked out from our accommodation (we just left our room keys on the table). We drove back to Vigan for our last destination for our tour – Bantay Bell Tower.

Along the war, we stopped by to buy onions and garlic. I didn’t buy any of those, but I did buy a lot of goodies on our second stop – Four Stars.

The first thing that caught my attention when I got out of the van is the stall that’s selling bagnet and Vigan longganisa. Since it’s in my list of goodies to buy, I checked their products.


Crispy but full of cholesterol


Garlicky and savory, just the way I like it

I was expecting bagnet to be expensive, but it’s only sold for Php 190 each! I bought 2 for supplies. Vigan longganisa is Php 120 per dozen. Because it’s not everyday I will have access to this longganisa, I bought 3 dozens. I cooked it the next day, and oh boy, I’m in heaven smelling and tasting this glorious food.


I also bought chichapop and cassava cake as “pasalubong” for my neighbor and team mates.




I bought the chichacorn and panocha in Bantay Bell Tower

We already left when our guide told me they have toasted pastillas. I regret not checking out their other products because I want to stick to my budget.

After buying our goodies, we went to Bantay Bell Tower.


Since it’s located in the church, I stopped by the church and made a short prayer.


This bell tower is really picture worthy. When I look at it, I felt like being taken back in time.


Of course, it’s not enough to take pictures of it’s facade. I heard the view is spectacular from above, so once again, I braved going up the tower. I reached the second floor, but I did not dare to go further to where the bells are, because I don’t think I can even do it without my legs shaking.


From here, you can seethe view of the whole city. It’s a wonderful sight, seeing the city below under the blue sky.


After Bantay Bell Tower, we passed by Marcia’s Delicacies. I thought we won’t pass by the store, so I already bought the cassava cakes at Four Stars. Anyway, I bought a box of cream puffs instead.


This just got out of my fridge


We went to Vigan city proper one last time to explore the place and to have lunch. We took a few pictures of the place.


Only picture I have of the plaza

We took our lunch at Chowking. We were planning to go back to Calle Crisologo to take more pictures, and buy more souvenirs and goodies, but time did not permit us to do so. By 11:30 AM, we were now on our way back to Manila. After a few quick stops, we reached Manila around 7:30 PM.


The long way back home

If I had known that travelling like this could make me more relaxed, I should have done it way before. It’s nice to go on your own from time to time, to be more independent. I made new friends in this vacation, which is nice because I have always been too shy. Somehow, this vacation also helped me to reflect on myself – on what I can do and what’s my limit. This travel also helped me enhance one of my favorite things to do, which is photography (and also blogging).

There are things I never thought I would be able to do, like going up to the lighthouse and the bell tower, and rising the ATV. These things  had somehow made me feel alive. The experience I gained from this trip will forever change me to be a better person. It made me know myself much better.

I went to this trip to be able to move on. I know it won’t take away my loneliness right away, but this is just the first step.

Again, I would to that The Travelgram PH for the wonderful Ilocos trip.

I’m starting to miss this place. I know one day, I will be back. But for now, there a lot of new places I still have to explore.